Photography, Political Communication and Social Media

The image a candidate projects can have a powerful influence on the campaign’s success in reaching its strategic goals. This excerpt from Online Political Communication highlights how pictures can be used to strengthen the political image and generate interaction and participation

Political communication photography

Most of the information we convey is nonverbal. Body language plays a fundamental role in communicating who we are and is much more powerful and immediate than mere words. This is why it is necessary to consider objectives carefully and develop a strategy before producing and selecting photos.  Continue reading…

Online Political Communications – figures

The SlideShare presentation contains graphic elements included in the book Online Political Communication, by Gianluca Giansante.

Pictures and figures can be seen in color and in greater detail, I also added some images that I could not include in the book.


More information about the book Online Political Communication.

“Online Political Communication” published by Springer

How can you use the web to build trust with citizens, organise participation, and generate consensus? How can you ensure that an increasing number of people know about you and support your cause? And, above all, how can online participation be transformed into active participation offline?

This book provides research findings and practical information on online communication strategies in politics. Based on communication research and real world political-campaign experience, the author examines how to use the Web and social media to create public visibility, build trust and consensus, and boost political participation. It offers a useful guide for practitioners working in the political arena, as well as for those managing communication projects in institutions or companies.

More information about the book Online Political Communication.